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Welcome to Mr. Wiese's  math classroom!
  Here you'll find everything you and your student need to have a successful year. Check back often for classroom announcements, daily assignments, and other useful resources.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns.​
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My name is Mr. Wiese.  I was born and raised in Luverne MN.​ I attended DSU for a Bachlor of Science in Education with a minor in Technology and Math. After collage I married my wife in 2014. Currently she is a 6th grade math teacher at BVIS.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. My email address is​​

  • DISCLAIMER:  The Garretson School District has made every reasonable attempt to insure that webpages are educationally sound and do not contain links to any questionable material or anything that can be deemed in violation of the Garretson School District Acceptable Use Policy. 


​​Mr. Wiese Schedule


7:45-8:15........PREP (Meetings)

815:-8:59.......1st Period (6.1)

9:31-9:45.......2nd Period (6.2)

9:47-10:31......3rd Period (7.1)

10:33-11:17....4th Period (7.2)

11:17-11:47....5th Period (Lunch)

11:59-12:43....6th Period (8.1)

12:45-1:29......7th Period (8.2)





MS Grading Scale



​A               95-99

A-              92-94

B+             89-91

B               86-88

B-              83-85​

C+             80-82

C               77-79

C-              74-76

D+             70-73

D                68-69

D-               65-67

F                 0-64


Classroom Rules


  1. Be Respectful - of yourself and others along with property.
  2. Be Responsible - do assignments daily.
  3. Be Here - come to class ready to learn, be in your seat before the tardy bell.
  4. No Food or drink.
  5. WE GO NOWHERE! Go to the bathroom before class. Schedule your music lessons at a different time.
  6. No lining up at the door. Wait in your seat to be dismissed by me.
  7. Keep hands, feet and object to yourself.